3 Tips from a Maple Grove MN Chiropractor

3 Tips from a Maple Grove MN Chiropractor

3 Tips from a Cottage Grove Chiropractor

1. Visit with purpose and exercise in between

Many people only visit a Maple Grove MN chiropractor because of an immediate need relating to an acute injury or because of a past injury that was not properly dealt with. If you are in significant pain, you may need to see your chiropractor intensely for a week or two until pain levels subside. Restoring strength and stability can take up to 3-4 weeks.

It can be hard to follow all recommendations after an injury. Gentle and controlled exercise with a combination of stretching, strengthening, and low-impact aerobic exercise will help to support and improve your well-being.

2. Get the most out of your care

To get the most out of chiropractic care you must do your best to be consistent and follow through with your chiropractor’s treatment plan. Your injury may be linked to years of posture problems and has subsequently become a problem because of whatever injury you sustained. If you are serious about your rehabilitation, make sure to use ice and heat as directed at home as instructed and always drink plenty of water - hydration allows nutrients to travel through your body with ease helping remove waste and protect joints.

If it’s a work-related injury, be diligent with obeying all the posture corrections suggested by your chiropractor at work, when driving, and in bed.

3. Find a Maple Grove MN chiropractor that is right for you

Has a referral from a trusted friend, family member, or co-worker ever steered you wrong? When picking a Maple Grove MN chiropractor it’s the best place to start. In this internet age, there are so many chiropractors to choose from and it’s easy to get bogged down and confused. Try to do your homework. This is about you and how you want to live. Talk it through and you’ll get the best help you can.

Chiropractors are fast becoming the go-to choice for recreational and professional athletes alike. Chiropractic care at The New Art Of Chiropractic - Maple Grove can complement (and often surpass) all other alternate health care options because it’s non-invasive, holistic, and inexpensive.