Posture and Wellness in Moorhead MN

Posture and Wellness in Moorhead MN

Chiropractic Moorhead MN Posture

Greetings from The New Art Of Chiropractic. Wellness in Moorhead MN is a huge buzzword that gets thrown around a lot. And it's not just used in the health and fitness industry. It is recognized as being important from leaders of our troops, in the workplace, as well as our police, firefighters, and EMTs. Wellness encompasses everyone's well being mentally, physically, and spiritually. And it can have any different meanings to people such as limiting their consumption of alcohol, living a healthy lifestyle, eliminating stress to balancing their Chakras.

Posture MN

Posture is important when it comes to wellness because of the impact it has on the whole body so here are some tips to maintain good posture. Always try to sit and stand straight keeping your head above your heart, your shoulders back, and your spine aligned. When sitting place a small pillow behind your lower back to help support your lumbar region. When at work look at your workstation. If you stand or on your feet a lot it is best to spend some money on a good pair of shoes. If you stand it one place on a hard surface make sure you have a rubber mat. If you don't, then ask your employer for one.

If they refuse, explain that a rubber mat will cost them less than a workman's comp. claim. If you sit a lot at your job, be sure to get up often and move around to keep your blood flowing. If you're in a large corporation they often have people who specialize in ergonomics that can advise you how to set up your work area. Be sure your monitor is in front of you instead of off to the side. You should have a raised up so that your not head is not tilted forward. Your keyboard should be at a height so that your shoulders aren't rounded forward. And your chair should not be causing you any back pain. If it is you ask for a new one. And if you're on the phone often you should have a headset.

We at The New Art Of Chiropractic are here to serve you any way we can and hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the great weather we're having!